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Functionality Details:


Vaccine Groups


The software comes with all different vaccines published by IAP and also with combinations based on available trade names like DPT+Hep B, DPT+Hep B+HIB, Hexa etc. The doctor can define any number of vaccinations groups based on their regular usage. The software comes with 4 pre-defined groups, DPT-4-in-One, DPT-5-in-One, DTap-4-in-One, DTaP-5-in-One.


Vaccination Trade names and Priority


Software comes up with nearly 125 trade names and their related data. This list covers the different possible trade names for each vaccination. For each vaccination it comes with default priority of trade names. The doctor can change the priority of the trade names in which the trade names should appear for the selection at the time of administration.


Patient Registration


Software registers each baby to the clinic/hospital and issues a unique identification number.


Immunization Chart


At the time of preparing the immunization chart, the doctor can chose different possible vaccines for different babies with the help of Vaccination groups. For the given values, the software generates the complete schedule for each patient. The software also has an option to select the trade name and the respective batch number at the time of the administration which will update the inventory online. At the time of the administration itself, the billing for the giving vaccination will be prepared and will be shown to the doctor. The doctor can add other available vaccines to the Immunization chart at any point of time. If any of the vaccination dose is administered in delay, the next doses will be rescheduled to the new dates automatically.




Doctor can define the charges for each vaccine as per the trade name. System supports two kinds of Billing, one is part of the prescription for which doctors handle everything or separate billing where front desk generates the separate bill for the administrations.


Different Prints


The software supports the detailed prints for Immunization chart, Immunization Certificate with the complete details of vaccines administered having the details – administered date, trade name etc and also the left over vaccines and their doses with due dates. The patient can carry this from one doctor to the other which gives clear idea to the new doctor. And finally the last administered prescription, which gives the details of last administration and the next vaccination due.


SMS Integration


Vaccine reminders are integrated to SMS software which are integrated with Microsoft excel


Inventory Update


Couple of screens to update the vaccine purchase details as well as the vaccine return details if any.


Detailed Reports


The software providing different reports to see the details like Vaccine purchase details, Closing Stock of all the vaccines, Stock ledger for a given vaccine, Administration details, Immunization payments etc.


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