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Software records the required journal entries automatically when the data enters from various screens and also provides the facility to record the day to day income and expenses there by allows the diagnostics to track the entire cash flow, bank accounts more efficiently.


Key Features


  • User Level Security
  • Equipped with 160 different laboratory tests along with the normal range values.
  • Supports Lab tests packages like Thyroid profile, Lipid profile etc.
  • Supports different tariffs for regular, company patients.
  • Any number of companies can be added and its tariff can be configured without any changes in software.
  • Report templates are supported for text report tests like biopsy, hemogram etc.
  • External templates which are in word or some other format can be uploaded into the system.
  • Providing number of commonly used account heads.
  • Registration of every patient.
  • Captures details of referred doctor..
  • Separate unique identification for biopsy and cytology tests.
  • Based on the given tests and/or packages and based on the type of the patient, the costs will be loaded automatically
  • Bills can be cancelled and generate again
  • Captures different payments details – cash, cheque and card
  • Partial payments are accepted
  • Clear tracking of all the dues.
  • Facility to clear the due which may be done at the time of report hand-over
  • Complete list of pending tests in laboratory.
  • The lab technician will not have access to the lab test requested until the bill gets generated.,
  • Value based lab tests result entry is required only give actual results, the ranges will be loaded automatically.
  • 75% of the text report can be loaded from predefined template for text based reports.
  • The external lab reports can be scanned and uploaded into the system if it is needed.
  • The lab test reports can be modified and saved any number of times.
  • Accounting posting will be done on the fly when the bills are generated.
  • Provision to record day to day purchases and expenses like Rent, salaries etc. and Receipts from different sources.
  • Complete detailed reports




  • Any report can be exported to excel.
  • Bill Details and Bill summary reports by sorted / filtered by Reference doctor.
  • Bill Summary report by mode of payment.
  • Complete list of lab tests, results and tariff can be viewed.
  • Detailed accounting reports
    • Profit and Loss statement
    • Cash book and bank statements
    • Trail balance and balance sheet
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