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Inbound Order Management


This involves 2 processes Purchasing and Receiving. To better track and control inventory purchasing, EAZY STORE stream lines the purchasing and inventory control process by which unwanted costs would be reduced and restock inventory levels as and when expected. EAZY STORE allows store operators to centrally manage and control the process of purchasing inventory items from a single location. The central store issues the stock to sub stores on a request from sub store. It is designed to enhance inventory items visibility and control. It allows timely purchasing, greater accuracy and better warehouse management. In addition to streamlining inventory purchasing process EAZY STORE also generates entries to accounting systems.


Key Features


  • Auto generation of Purchase Indent based on the stock levels
  • Create new purchase orders from mains store
  • Create, track, and review history of purchase orders
  • Pre-populate supplier and inventory details
  • Integrate purchasing with receiving operations
  • Default suppliers from basing on the performamce
  • Generate purchasing and supplier reports
  • Detailed Purchase Register
  • Receive by purchase order or a direct purchase


Key Benefits


  • Centralize purchasing and Account management
  • Automate purchase order generation
  • Enhance supplier management and information sharing
  • Increase Productivity
  • Reduce duplication, administration, and overhead costs
  • Eliminate labor intensive procedures
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