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Outbound Order Management.


EAZY STORE reduces the time it takes from when the sales order is received to when it is delivered, thereby enabling companies to commit to more sales orders and increase profits without increasing the cost of doing business. The EAZY STORE inventory management software allows sales and warehouse operators to create and fulfill sales orders against real-time inventory information. Following order receipt, the EAZY STORE sales order fulfillment system automatically generates pick lists and customer shipping documentation directly from the sales order thereby eliminating the data re-entry process. As a result, picking speed and accuracy is greatly improved and sales orders are fulfilled on time. In addition to facilitating the sales order fulfillment activities within the warehouse, the EAZY STORE system generates corresponding entries for accounting to automate billing processes.


Key Features


  • View the details of sale orders between the given dates
  • Generate Sale invoice and shipping documents directly from the sales order
  • Provide default picking locations to floor operators
  • Pick and ship items by various attributes
  • Pre-populate customer information when an order is ready to be shipped
  • Automate billing upon shipment


Key Benifits


  • Streamline warehouse shipping operations
  • Decrease expedited warehouse shipping costs
  • Reduce fulfillment cycle times
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Manage and view shipments across multiple stock points
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