Clinical Solutions

Finsol provides clinic management system that integrates every activity concerned with healthcare department. Our clinic management system is an advanced tool which has been designed to make your clinic operations easier.

Right from patient registration, the tool can help with a lot of different areas including doctor’s appointments, consultations, reports, and billings. With a user-friendly interface, the tool can be used by all your employees with little to no training.

Manage pharmacy effortlessly

It automates general workflow in a pharmacy and allows you to run it independently with advanced features. You can record over 25,000 medicines for a clinic, and details about purchases and return orders. Not only that, but you can also have the sales and sales returns noted.

With Finsol’s clinic management tool, it is also possible to get EMR prescriptions with just a simple click, and the tool can also automatically detect the correct medicines quickly.

There are cash and credit transactions for inpatients that can be entered into the system and later referred by entering the transaction remarks or date details. It also provides its own accounting and stock adjustment track.

Laboratories and Radiology

The departments of laboratories and radiology have constant work and data to be stored. Our tool helps record every transaction, and in fact, it is specially designed for these two departments. The bills and reports are further integrated with other bills of the same patient like tests, OPD billing, and more.

They also record pending lab tests, authorized tests for inpatients, proper formatting facility, generates reports and bills. These reports can also be sent to doctors for case summary and support for consolidation charges.

Wide range of other offerings

The Finsol clinic management tool also provides a wide range of other offerings to you, including:

  • Records of test or service appointments
  • Inventory management made possible
  • Sales related issues are settled
  • Indent, procurement, and store made easier
  • Updates through SMS or emails sent

Finsol is a one-stop option to meet all your clinic management facilities. Choose us to provide high-tech possibilities at comfortable charges.


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